USFS Region 4 Smokejumpers LLC is an LLC in the state of Idaho. The plan is to obtain an IRS 501c3 designation for tax exempt status. Leo Cromwell and John Snedden are the temporary managers of the USFS Region 4 Smokejumpers LLC. The future hope of the LLC is to recruit additional members to assist and help transition with future changes as old guys give it up. The site has no debt. It does require ongoing funds to host the website, provide website backup, and make any additive or subtractive changes to the site. Stage One site development is complete and now discussion will begin on future site goals and resources.

The formation of an LLC and 501c3 are both nuisances but necessary. The LLC will hold copyrights to all donated content on the site to prevent unauthorized commercial exploitation of donated material. An LLC will also allow for an uneventful transition as current directors need help, age and forget where they are. As a guess, maintenance expenses for site hosting, accounting, LLC annual reporting and tax returns will be about $500-$1,000/year, depending on how much material is uploaded by volunteers or uploaded by our website hosts. Details are in progress.

Leo Cromwell – [email protected]
John Snedden – [email protected]