Meet some of the bravest and most highly skilled smokejumpers in the nation who have tackled
some of the toughest firefighting assignments in the U.S.

USFS Region 4

Smokejumpers are a national resource to combat the growing number of forest fires in the U.S. each year. When a fire is nearly impossible to transverse to on foot, spreading rapidly and has unpredictable winds, the smokejumpers are tasked with the job. This website is here to find, honor and remember all the brave jumpers in Region 4.


The purpose of this site is to organize, record and preserve the history of the USFS Region 4 Smokejumpers using a variety of sources. It is hoped that this site will be a framework for the addition of related historical smokejumping information for Boise, Idaho City, and McCall. Unrestricted site access will allow this smokejumper history to be shared with everyone. Eventually, it is hoped that this site may be integrated with the NSA history program and future site to have a central repository for all smokejumping.






This history project has really been underway by Leo Cromwell for over 50 years. Fortunately for all, Leo is both patient and tenacious to have compiled so much history by choice on his own time. He taught school for most of the year but his passion was directed in the summers at the history and statistics of R4 smokejumping.

Leo Cromwell