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Ivan C Amstutz


Jump Date Name Class Forest Legal Other Jumpers
1 22-Jul Kitchen Creek - 1945 A Salmon Amstutz, G.Anderson
2 28-Jul E.F. of Weiser River - 1945 A Payette Amstutz, Nafziger
3 2-Aug Acorn Creek - 1945 C Payette G.Anderson, Armstrong, Amstutz, R.Miller, C.Yoder, Whitesitt, Hoover, Beals, R.Stutzman, W.Cook, J.Garber, D.Miller, Mummery, Weirich, Chance, Summers, Zimmerman, Bruff, Rodman, Fickle, Eberly
4 16-Aug Sabe Creek(Spread Creek) - 1945 B Nez Perce G.Miller, Kathe, Zimmerman, Weirich, Mummery, Bruff, R.Miller, Weldy, Kaufman, Amstutz
5 24-Aug Cow Creek - 1945 D Wallowa Amstutz, Kaufman, Weldy, Hoover, Moody, Armstrong, J.Garber, R.Miller, G.Miller, Lehman, Beals, Rodman, Eberly, Gahler
6 31-Aug Tepee Creek - 1945 B Payette W.Cook, Amstutz, Whitesitt, E.Stutzman
7 2-Sep Fritzer Creek - 1945 E Payette Lehman, Rodman, Toth, Armstrong, Hoover, R.Miller, Kaufman, Amstutz, Zimmerman, Weldy, Weirich, Chance, Painter, Porterfield, Eberly, G.Anderson, Moody, plus 8 MSO jumpers