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Costant Aguirre


Jump Date Name Class Forest Legal Other Jumpers
1 3-Jul Fall Creek Ridge (Mica Ridge) - 1946 A Payette Lycklama, Aguirre, Hennessey, L.Johnson, J.Ferguson, Case, Froman, W.Webb
2 29-Jul Indian Creek - 1946 C Boise P.Wilde, Aguirre, S.Peterson, Wetzel, Middlemas, Burton, Case, Froman
3 1-Aug Snake River(Big Bar) - 1946 E WWF P.Wilde, Aguirre, Brewer, Burton, Mansisidor, A.Nielsen, D.Yergenson, Wilcock, Fickle, Reed, Bate, R.Jones, G.Rogers, C.Johnson, Whitt, W.Henderson
4 5-Aug Tie Creek - 1946 B Payette Aguirre, W.Webb, Fickle, Wyatt, Brewer, W.Henderson
5 12-Aug Beaver Creek - 1946 A Payette Aguirre, W.Webb
6 14-Aug Owl Creek - 1946 E Salmon Kalbfus, Caldwell, Wilcock, R.Hobbs, Case, Reed, Aguirre, W.Webb, J.Roberts, Fickle, Sparkman, W.Henderson, J.Fisher, Mansisidor, Gorsuch, Clabaugh
7 19-Aug Silver Creek - 1946 B Salmon Case, Lockart, Wetzel, J.Fisher, Hennessey, Aguirre, Gossett, Fickle
8 21-Aug Canyon Creek - 1946 B Nez Perce Stover, Wetzel, Egger, Gossett, J.Fisher, Aguirre, Hennessey, Lockart
9 25-Aug Peace Creek - 1946 A Boise Fickle, Aguirre
10 27-Aug Vinegar Ridge(Mill) - 1946 B Nez Perce Stover, Wilcock, G.Rogers, J.Roberts, Egger, Rea, D.Yergenson, Aguirre
11 29-Aug Walter Ridge - 1946 A Payette Aguirre, G.Rogers
12 3-Sep Fall Creek - 1946 A Nez Perce Brewer, Aguirre


Jump Date Name Class Forest Legal Other Jumpers
1 12-Jul Chamberlain Creek - 1947 A Payette Aguirre, Wise
2 22-Jul Gunbarrel Creek - 1947 A Salmon Aguirre, H.Morrison
3 29-Jul Mackay Bar - 1947 E Payette A.Nielsen, Wyatt, H.Morrison, C.Clark, B.Paris, Bertram, Aguirre, Wilcomb
4 1-Aug No Man Creek - 1947 C Boise Compton, Aguirre, H.Morrison, Mansisidor, B.Paris, Bertram, L.Johnson, C.Clark
5 8-Aug Happy Hollow - 1947 E Challis Stover, Elliott, Bixby, J.Roberts, Catlin, Aguirre, H.Morrison, Bertram
6 20-Aug Cambell Creek - 1947 A Payette Aguirre, Bixby
7 25-Aug Bronco Creek(Colt Creek) - 1947 E Salmon R.Wilde, C.Clark, Rinard, Wyatt, Garrett, Hennessey, Egger, Wise, S.Peterson, Guilford, J.Roberts, Bixby, Aguirre, Bertram, B.Paris, Catlin
8 31-Aug Steamboat - 1947 C Payette Stover, Bixby, B.Paris, Guilford, Garrett, Catlin, Lockart, Aguirre, plus 9 McCall jumpers walked to fire